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Circle of Psychics offers our clients both skilled tarot readings as well as psychic tarot readings through a skilled interpreters of the tarot cards. Intrigued by what a tarot reading might reveal to you? Have you wondered why or how a tarot card can indicate a past, present or future state? And it may be especially puzzling when the tarot reader is providing online tarot readings instead of in-person tarot readings where the client is unseen or not even heard in the case of tarot chat.

The way to understand this is that the tarot reader can interpret the symbols in the tarot spread, in other words, she can reveal the tarot meanings to the client and that means that she relates the external event, which is tarot spread itself, to the internal state as expressed by the tarot reader's client, that is the internal state of his mind. If, in the cards, she sees marriage and that is what is also what happens to be "hidden" in the client's mind, then we can say that the one has symbolized the other. The answer lies as much in the inherent philosophical principal of synchronicity as it does in the tarot deck itself.

In other words, the principal of synchronicity states that there may be an occurrence of a corresponding external physical event that signifies or symbolizes an internal psychological one at the same time or even inclusively in the same space. Contact us for a tarot reading and your tarot reader will tell you both what the tarot cards saying about your situation and, if you like, the particular tarot cards that are "coming up" during your reading.

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