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Mary Ottoman
Vancouver, British Columbia
I just had to write and thank you for the incredible psychics you have. I had a reading done recently via telephone, and at first I thought "ya sure!" I guess it seemed so unlikely to occure in my life. Well let me tell you: I was floored one week later when what she predicted actually did happen! I couldn't believe it! Your psychics are very gifted and I am very grateful.

Greg Munschman
Hamburg, Germany
Thank you Circle of Psychics!! Now when ever I have a tough decision to make, I know whom to call to help me make the right choice. It's very helpful to have a caring person analyze things from such a unique perspective.

Samantha Dennison
Cobourg, Ontario
WOW I can't believe how great your psychics are. They said things no one knew, and their upfront (no-holds-barred policy) was refreshing and welcome. Their advice was frank, specific, on target and very helpful. I particularly liked the fact that I could keep in contact with the same Psychic via telephone or through the web whenever I needed a quick answer.

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