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Psychics Mediums are extremely rare; therefore we act with caution when hiring a psychic medium. Circle of Psychics' Mediums are screened and tested, so we can assure you that the psychic readings you will receive are truthful and accurate.

A psychic medium is necessarily a psychic but a psychic is not necessarily a psychic medium in the same way that all pitchers are baseball players but not all baseball players are pitchers. Understanding the difference is important as a psychic medium can describe more experientially what another individual is experiencing. In other words, there is a composite of thought and feeling that actively runs through the psychic medium and that is part of a very strong identification with the individual being read for. Occasionally a connection to another dimension is made through a medium, especially in a trance or trance-like state. If someone is identifying themselves as a psychic medium and the only references that he or she makes is what is either "philosophical" or unfamiliar, especially if the claim that they are "channeling" another entity with an exotic name then the odds that they either deluded or deceptive are overwhelming. Don't be fooled. A real psychic medium should, in fact, make reference to what is familiar to you in a reading no matter what the reference is to, even if the reference is to another dimension.

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