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Email Readings; Affordable and Accurate

Psychic email readings range from:
  • 1 question for only $18.00 (approx. 150 words)
  • 2-3 questions for only $28.00 (approx. 200-400 words)
  • In-depth analysis for only $70.00 (over 500 words)*
The in-depth analysis will comprise of 4-10 questions and replies will consist of 500 words or more.

These psychic email readings are very in-depth and comprehensive. The psychic's center of attention will only be on the important issues in your life. Our email psychics will work with all the information you provide them to ensure you can get the most from your psychic readings. Your psychic reading will be accessible in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format.

With today's busy lifestyle, it is our genuine desire that Circle of Psychics provides the most accessible services possible for our clients. Our email psychics have spent years serving people in need of immediate answers and/or advice. Circle of Psychics has chosen to go online, as we believe the Internet to be the most powerful vehicle for helping people today.

Your psychic email readings will be delivered within 24-48 hours.
* The in-depth analysis will be delivered within 72 hours.

Circle of Psychics: Your Online Psychic Advisor.

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