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Circle of Psychics has been the leading provider of online psychic readings since 1999. Our live psychic readings have assisted thousands of people with their psychic intuition.

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Check out our online psychic readings services and our international Psychic Phone Readings. Get help from our captivating web pages and discover our Psychic Community where you can benefit from and understand the meanings of different psychic abilities. You can also have any of your questions answered in our psychic email readings.

Circle of Psychics enrolls psychic readers who can and have assisted people with various needs. Whether it be love, marriage, career, family or money, our psychics are here to help and offer guidance. Our psychic or clairvoyant readers are committed to providing the most genuine and trustworthy service currently available in today's online psychic industry.

Circle of Psychics employs only exceptional psychic advisors with proven talents in various areas of divination and psychic expertise. Circle of Psychics is confident that one of our online psychics will be just right for you!

Circle of Psychics is here to help you with those personal problems that can act as obstacles in one's path. Our psychics will help you find the answers you need to overcome these obstacles that cross all of our paths. Our psychic readings and tarot readings are fun, affordable, and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Circle of Psychics also provides astrology readings, mediumship and free weekly horoscopes.

Psychic Phenomenon

We all are curious about the Psychic world and Psychic phenomena in general. With the power of modern technology psychic experiences can be realized in many forms. It is useful to first review psychic phenomena.

Psychic phenomena can be categorized in three different ways. There are the mental, the physical and the metaphysical types of phenomena. Each type will be experienced by people in very unique manners. Often people will view the same type of psychic phenomenon in a different way. Psychic awareness is a key component in determining how one will experience a psychic phenomena.

The most important factor in determining your experience is your level of 'psychic awareness'. The more aware you are the more vivid you experience will be. Psychic awareness is something that is often determined by birth. If you are born to parents that are highly aware psychically than often you will inherit this trait.

Psychic phenomena come from many dimensions. A well known physicist and space (as a dimension) expert at Cambridge University in England has proven that so far 28 dimensions are known to exist. Research also indicates that psychic phenomenon are capable of originating from some or all of the 28 dimensions, and in some way affect the people experiencing or observing them. It is common for people who are not “psychically aware” to be unaware of the phenomenon completely. Individuals with highly sensitive levels of awareness are able to switch from one experience to another. This is much like being able to switch channels on a TV or radio.

To answer the question “what are psychic phenomena?” is very difficult due to the varying levels of awareness of each individual. Many people experience vivid dreams which they may or may not be able to understand by themselves others claim to have “out of body” experiences. Where they actually feel as if they are watching themselves from above. This ability is only prevalent in the most psychically aware and often it is seen as a gift that allows them to use their mind in alternate dimensions.

Chronokinesis is the ability to in some way mentally “affect” or change the flow of time, whilst various other physical manifestations of the mind moving physical objects are apparent over the centuries. Most Holy books of most religions for instance have tales or parables to show the force of “mind over matter”, either from the originator of the religion or their followers.

Today many people are using the power of technology to experience their psychic readings. Whether over the telephone or by email it is possible for a psychic to connect to his or her client from a distance. The great advantage here is in the privacy and professionalism that can be achieved. Often psychics who connect with their clients using a remote connection will be amazingly accurate and sincere. Speak with someone who understands this modern form of psychic phenomena and they can attest to the power that technology provides the psychically gifted.

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